Coronavirus Propaganda Video – Starring 3 Royals Of Monaco!

On March 22, The New York Times published a video on YouTube called: “How New Yorkers Are Coping With Coronavirus.”

The video is about the struggles of New York City residents who are coping with the coronavirus lockdown. They express their worries about health, resources, and loss of employment.

On the surface, the video looks like a normal news report, but it’s actually a propaganda film by the elites. The purpose is to steer our emotions about the virus and the lockdown, so we respond as docilely as possible.

The coronavirus lockdown is part of a worldwide ritual that they’re forcing us to participate in, in the year 2020. It has major religious undertones, as explained below. The video guides us towards fear and victimhood. We are repeatedly encouraged to be afraid, to feel sorry for ourselves, and to busy ourselves with superficial “charity” rather than address what’s really going on.

The video stars three royals of Monaco playing “ordinary New Yorkers.” Here they are and an analysis of their roles.

Royal Actor #1: Camille Gottlieb

The first royal actor is Camille Gottlieb, daughter of Princess Stephanie of Monaco. Camille plays an “emergency medicine resident” named Michelle Romeo.

Left: healthcare worker, Michelle Romeo. Right: Camille Gottlieb.

In this role, Camille has darkened eyes (with contacts or CGI) and dark wavy hair, probably to look more Italian. Her character’s surname, Romeo, literally means “from Rome.”

Michelle Romeo paints a frightening picture of the virus. She says that patients are entering the hospital sicker and sicker, to the point that she can’t help them anymore. Her worst fears are “seeing more death” and seeing her own loved ones die from the virus. She also says that she had to watch one of her patients, “basically slowly die.”

Lots of fear and death imagery here. The purpose of this is to convince the viewers that the lockdown was absolutely necessary for our health and safety. So necessary, in fact, that we shouldn’t even question it. This story grooms the viewers to obey the health authorities, implying that if we don’t, we might “basically slowly die” or cause the deaths of others.

As Michelle tells her story, the video shows close-ups of her diploma and medical books to convince us subconsciously that she is a “real doctor.”

If you look at her diploma closely, though, it clearly looks fake. What kind of diploma has no seals or signatures on it? It looks like it was printed on a home computer. Most people’s high school diplomas look more official than this lady’s medical school one!

Despite this slip-up, the elites worked hard to make Michelle seem “real.” If you google Michelle Romeo, stuff comes up that looks rather convincing. They made her a fake page on the NYU hospital website (with no way to contact her, of course). They also made her a Twitter account, which goes back several years and is updated regularly (with medical propaganda-ish posts).

There’s no way to find her, though, or to make a doctor’s appointment, because she’s not real. Just a fictional character.

If you look at the date on Michelle’s fake diploma, it is August 15, 2019. This date reveals a lot about the elites’ motivations.

August 15 is a holiday in Italy called, Ferragosto. This is when Italians take a rest from work, and 90% of the shops and businesses close. The shops used to stay closed for an entire month, but eventually, it was shortened to two weeks, because the loss to the economy was too much.

Sound familiar? This is what’s happening now, worldwide. Business is shut down. People are not allowed to work.

Ferragosto originated from the feast of Augustus in ancient Rome. The purpose was to give farmers a rest from the long harvest season. Later, the holiday was linked to the Assumption of Mary in the Catholic Church (goddess worship). The Assumption of Mary is the celebration when Mary, mother of Jesus, died and ascended to heaven (gained immortality).

So, here we have religious and historical references, tied to a character named Michelle Romeo (“from Rome” indeed!). Are the royals revealing their religious motivations for unleashing coronavirus and forcing society to shut down?

Hopefully, these shutdowns will end in a few weeks, but I shudder to think what they have planned for Easter!

On to the next actor…

Royal Actor #2: Charlotte Casiraghi

The next royal actor is Charlotte Casiraghi, Princess of Monaco and cousin of Camille (shown above).

Charlotte plays the character “Elizabeth Baker,” an owner/manager of Rucola Restaurant in Brooklyn, New York.

Left: restaurant manager, Elizabeth Baker. Right: Charlotte Casiraghi

Her face matches up pretty well, as do her general facial expressions.

Yet, Charlotte did a few things to disguise herself. If you look at the close-up of the restaurant manager’s face, her lip-liner was drawn to create the illusion of thinner lips. Her lower lip is not even fully covered by the lipstick! She also shaped her eyebrows, used different lighting, and the camera angle is tilted slightly up. All of these things have subconscious effects on the viewer and help prevent Charlotte from being recognized.

In the video, the restaurant manager says–in tears and a shaky voice–that they used to have 30 employees but were forced to “let go” of 90% of them. This implies that 27 people were laid off, and 3 remain, including her. She says it was “really hard to let everyone go” and worries how they’ll survive without income, because they’re “not wealthy.”

Her story is shocking and emotional, but there’s just one problem: she’s lying!

If you look up the Rucola Restaurant website, there is no mention of an “Elizabeth Baker” who works there. The website lists two owners and a chef, yet none of them are Elizabeth Baker.

The website doesn’t mention massive lay-offs either. Quite the opposite, they claim that the staff is still working, but without pay, to deal with the current crisis. That’s not what the video said. The video said specifically that the employees were “let go” and not working anymore. The manager was in tears about it and seemed to not know what happened to them. So much for New York Times journalism.

According to the Rucola website, the restaurant is open 7 days a week, offering “lunch, dinner, and wine” from 11AM – 9PM. They also offer take-out and contact-less delivery.

Since the staff is allegedly working without pay, the website asks for “donations” to help them financially. This part is suspicious. Since when do waiters and waitresses work without pay? Is that even legal? Shouldn’t they stay home, like everyone else, with the virus on the loose? There is something very wrong with this story.

[Update 4-17-20: The website changed it’s wording. It doesn’t claim that the staff is working anymore, just that they’re “largely without income.” The menu says that the restaurant is temporarily closed and only offering pick-up and delivery options. Therefore, it’s plausible that waitstaff and dishwashers were sent home and not getting paid. Still, it’s not the same as being “let go” (fired/laid off) like the video said. They’re on temporary leave, basically. There is so much changing/misleading language here, which is common in hoaxes. Their GoFundMe page lists many people, but no Elizabeth Baker. There is a “Liz” in the list of names, but no proof it’s Ms. Baker.]

On to the next actor…

Royal Actor #3: Andrea Casiraghi

The next royal actor is Andrea Casiraghi, Prince of Monaco. He is Charlotte’s brother and Camille’s cousin (both shown above).

Left: artist, Zachary Zane Purtzer. Right: Andrea Casiraghi.

Andrea plays “Zachary Zane Purtzer,” an artist with a ridiculous unibrow – courtesy of the theater and wigs department. Obviously, they saved the best performance for last.

In profile view, his nose looks enlarged and his ear looks “stretched-out” width-wise to the point that it looks unnatural. This might have been done with software, similar to Photoshop, to help conceal his identity.

Other than that, his features and expressions look like Prince Andrea.

Left: “Zachary” with distorted ear. Right: Andrea with normal ear.

Zachary, the artist, worries that he’ll have to go home to Oregon to help his parents financially, so they can keep their house. He talks about people losing work, but also that his parents “are never going to see retirement.” There is a contradiction of logic here–how can his parents not be able to work and not be able to retire at the same time?

Of everyone shown, Zachary has the calmest view of the situation. He says that he’s “mentally preparing” himself to “leave the dream behind” and go back home to help his parents. He thinks that the best thing to do about the lockdown is to, “give ourselves over to something that brings true happiness.” He says all this while painting swirling patterns with his Chinese calligraphy paintbrush.

It looks like Prince Andrea is playing the Buddha archetype. His unibrow is a symbol for enlightenment at the brow chakra, unifying the opposites. The stretched ears, calmness, and transcendental musings are reminiscent of Buddha, as well.


It’s amazing how much religious programming is behind coronavirus. They’re forcing society to “rest” and “go within” to simulate the rested mental state achieved by meditation. They’re forcing us to participate in a world ritual, under the guise of a public health crisis.

By the way, if you look up “Zachary Zane Purtzer,” there is nothing about him on the Internet. Most artists have websites to display and sell their work, but this guy has nothing.

Update 4/16/20: Zachary Zane Purtzer now has a website featuring his artwork. But, there is no other evidence that he actually exists (no address, phone number, relatives, etc).


There are real people out there who are truly struggling because of the virus, but you won’t hear their stories in this New York Times video.

This video is a propaganda piece, created by the royals, to steer our thinking and get us to accept whatever restrictions they place on us. A careful analysis of the video shows that the virus and the lockdown are most likely part of a world religious ritual.

Hopefully, this analysis helped you understand what is going on!

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