David Icke: Disinfo Agent, Related To the Queen

David Icke is a popular conspiracy theorist who claims that the royal families are shape-shifting reptilian aliens who have us enslaved. He names Queen Elizabeth II specifically, and her family, the Windsors, as shape-shifting reptilians. He also speaks about the holographic nature of reality and how we can change reality by changing our thinking.

At first, the public thought he was crazy, but gradually, more and more people came to accept his ideas. Now, he is quite popular. His videos on YouTube have hundreds of thousands of views. He has authored and sold numerous books and given speeches to sold-out venues all over the world.

Icke’s fans praise him as a talented, insightful speaker who freed their minds and helped them understand the world better – particularly the new world order and the various ways our leaders try to control us.

One has to wonder, though, if Icke is freeing us from slavery, why do the reptilian controllers allow it? Why is he so successful commercially and successful in spreading his message, when other truthers get censored or banned from YouTube?

Maybe because Icke is a disinfo agent and a royal himself?

Before he was a conspiracy theorist, Icke had a career in the mainstream media as a sports news reporter. That in itself should be a red flag, because the royals own the media and only insiders are allowed to be news personalities. Yet, few people question this.

The image below is a side-by-side comparison of David Icke and Leopold von Bayern, Prince of Bavaria. They look quite similar, right? Like the same man…

Leopold von Bayern is a cousin of Queen Elizabeth II. They’re genetically related! That might explain why the Windsors don’t stop “David Icke” from slandering them, calling them reptilians. They are family members, on the same team, who know each other personally and probably have a good laugh about it. They know that the stories are disinfo to shock, frighten, and mislead the masses, nothing more.

The books and speeches are entertainment, not true information. People tend to read/listen to these things, feel “inspired” for a while, then go back to their daily lives with nothing really learned or changed. The status quo is maintained, while the people mistakenly believe they’re “woke.”

As a general rule, if something is popular and easily accessible, it is probably rubbish. If someone works in the media/entertainment, commercializes themselves, and literally makes a career out of something “silly,” that is a red flag, too. They are probably an insider. Ask yourself, could an average person like you, your neighbor, or anyone you know, do what this guy does and make a financial go of it? If the answer is no, or lacking in confidence, you should question why this is so. Who is that guy, and what are the forces behind him that “allow” him to do what others can’t? The world is more orderly than you think, and these things don’t happen by accident!

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