Jimmy Kimmel Exposed As Luxembourg Royal

Comedian Jimmy Kimmel and his wife, Molly McNearney, are not who we think they are.

They are royals in disguise: the Grand Duke and Duchess of Luxembourg!

Jimmy’s real identity is Guillaume, the Hereditary Grand Duke of Luxembourg.

Molly’s real identity is Countess Stephanie de Lannoy.

Guillaume and Stephanie married in Luxembourg in 2012 in a big royal wedding.

Stephanie and Guillaume, royals of Luxembourg
Jimmy Kimmel and Molly McNearney. European royals in plain sight.

Jimmy is the host of the Jimmy Kimmel Show, a popular late-night comedy. On the show, Jimmy has a side-kick called, “Guillermo.” A sly reference to Jimmy’s real identity, Guillaume. Interesting, huh? It’s one of the ways they hide things in plain sight.

Every Halloween, Jimmy encourages parents to prank their children by telling them that they ate all the trick-or-treat candy and there’s nothing left. Parents then videotape the child’s distraught reaction and send it to the Jimmy Kimmel Show, where it is broadcast on TV for everyone to laugh at.

When viewers complained to the show that the prank was cruel, even child abuse, Jimmy defended it, explaining that his parents used to prank him often in childhood, and he thought it was fun, and grew up fine.

Except Jimmy’s childhood never happened, because “Jimmy” doesn’t exist. He’s Guillaume, the royal Duke of Luxembourg, pulling a prank on America. Telling lies, tricking parents into treating kids badly.

Jimmy encourages disrespect towards all members of the family, not just children. In similar pranks, he encourages people to give their spouses “a bad gift” for Christmas or Valentine’s Day, videotape their reaction, and send it to the show to put on display for public laughter.

It’s all about pitting family members against each other. Classic divide-and-conquer. There are also themes of public humiliation and making people uncomfortable on a holiday. Or, even traumatizing them (judging by the children’s meltdowns). All in the name of comedy.

We need to be careful what trends we follow. Because we never know who’s behind these trends or why these trends are encouraged.

Learning what the royals look like will help you recognize them and avoid their unfortunate pranks!

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