NLP And Occult Hand Signs In A YouTube Christian Testimony

Here, we’ll look at a YouTube Christian testimony filled with occult hand signs and neuro-linguistic programming (NLP). It is not a real testimony, of course. It’s an actress using occult techniques to program Christians into the new world religion, without them knowing it. She goes by the name, Mariah Jones.

Christian testimonies are very common on YouTube. Most are uploaded by regular, honest Christians wanting to share their story. Unfortunately, there are several infiltrators on YouTube, this woman included, that go completely undetected by their Christian audience. This is something that Christians should watch out for, because they are currently being targeted, big time, by the occultists.

The most obvious “tells” of an infiltrator are the use of Freemason hand signs, and excessive sweeping hand gestures, which means they are probably using NLP. Basically, if their hands are flying around everywhere in strange, unnatural gestures, there’s a good chance they are trying to put a spell on you.

Mariah’s testimony employs Ericksonian hypnosis (hypnosis by storytelling) and NLP, a form of programming that uses language and gesturing to re-structure the subconscious mind.

NLP (when used unethically) is all about double meanings. That is, Mariah tells one story with her mouth and quite another with her hands. With her mouth, she tells her story as a depressed, eating-disordered atheist who one day called out for Jesus and received a spontaneous healing. With her hands, she communicates subconsciously the story, or script, of the new world religion. The new world religion teaches that Christ is a consciousness, not an outside person. And that we have to balance the opposites in our psyche to evolve spiritually and birth the Christ within.

Overall impressions

Mariah is young, beautiful, and sweet-voiced. The perfect infiltrator. Who could suspect her of anything wrong? She also comes off humble, vulnerable, and honest about her past transgressions. She shares intimate details of her life, with tears in her eyes. This builds trust and emotional rapport with the audience.

Image-building and trust-building are essential ingredients to hook people in, keep them engaged, and get them to accept the programming. If she came off immoral or untrustworthy in any way, people wouldn’t empathize with her, and therefore, subconsciously wouldn’t accept the programming.

That’s why the only way to judge a person accurately is to go by their behaviors, not their appearance or the impression they give you. Remember that appearances are deceiving, and “seeming honest” is not the same as BEING honest.

The background of the video is structured carefully, with subconscious, religious cues. The light from the lamp implies “enlightenment.” The light forms the shape of an “X,” a subconscious cue for the cross of Christ. Her dog waits behind her (dog = god backwards, another subconscious cue) next to a ball. The ball is a cue to Ba’al, an ancient fertility god and also a word meaning lord, husband, or master. The purpose of the objects are to trigger cues and associations to shape your thinking at the subconscious level.

As Mariah tells her story, she holds a water bottle with the word, “contigo” on it, a Spanish word that literally means, “with you.” The water bottle is a symbol for the life force known as kundalini, which is sometimes symbolized as water. “The water with you,” your creative life force.

In the first part of her story, describing her life as a sick, floundering atheist, she switches the water bottle from right hand to left continuously. This switching of hands symbolizes her life force stuck in duality of nature, bouncing back and forth between the opposites. Later, as she describes her gradual acceptance of Jesus, she holds the water bottle in both hands in the center. This symbolizes how she’s learning to control her life force, balance the opposites, and evolve spiritually. Finally, she gets rid of the water bottle entirely, a symbol of her transcending duality and the physical realm altogether.

Another thing that stands out is the way she keeps touching her neck, to rub or scratch it, as if something on her neck is bothering her. This is symbolic of the “yoke of Christ” on her neck, guiding her in the right direction.

There are many Bible references to the neck. It’s the place on the body where the yoke is, the yoke being a symbol of labor, hardship, dependence, and subjugation. The Bible also speaks of “stiff-necked” people or obstinate sinners who need to be brought in line. That’s exactly how Mariah describes herself: an obstinate, rebellious sinner, who, through many labors and hardships, was finally subjugated by Jesus. She touches her neck, as if she’s wearing an invisible yoke, the implication being that she is guided by Jesus now, not her own willful ways.

Analysis of NLP and hand signs

Here are a few noteworthy timestamps to look at where she uses NLP and hand signs.

3:30 – They always put something important at 33! In this case, it’s practically an admission that she’s an actress. It’s common for occult actors to tell the truth to their victim’s faces, but in a disguised way. After talking about how miserable, hateful, and hurtful she was to others, she adds, “I was pretty fake about it” and “really good at hiding it.” When you take out the past tense (because the subconscious mind doesn’t know time), the resulting message is, “I AM pretty fake” and “really good at hiding it.”

8:35 – She makes a Freemason hand sign while gesticulating.

The middle and ring fingers pressed together represent the union of Osiris and Isis who produced a son, Horus.

17:32 – Here, she says, “Jesus,” and rubs one eye. One eye is a symbol for Horus. Shortly after, she flashes the Freemason hand sign again. Osiris and Isis, who gave birth to Horus.

She then touches her head while saying the phrase, “in my mind.” Meaning the birth of Horus in her mind. Or, possibly an NLP cue to store these symbols in YOUR mind.

17:50 – She says, “I can’t explain the feeling,” then deliberately puffs air in her cheeks and holds it for a moment. The puffed out cheeks is a cue that “the feeling” she’s describing is pregnancy (Isis pregnant with Horus).

20:08 – She touches the bridge of her nose, a cue for third eye enlightenment. Then, she describes being filled with love, stillness, and peace while making several sweeping gestures towards the center of her body with both hands. Her hands represent the two columns of Freemasonry (duality) collapsing inward.

20:18 – She makes straight hand gestures down the center of her body, indicating the birth of the third, central column from the two that just fell. The third column represents the divine child, Jesus/Horus. She then says, “I have a five-year-old son…” to reinforce the concept of the divine Son.

20:29 – She says, “When he [her son] hugs me…” while crossing her arms over her chest. Arms crossed over the chest is a Freemason sign for Christ with ancient origins. Egyptian Pharaohs were buried that way (they were believed to be “Christs” on earth, or a living Horus). Early Christians, too, used the symbol to represent Jesus.

25:30 – Here she says a nonsensical statement sounding something like, “But still…he rope me.” It appears that the editors used morphing software on her mouth. If you replay this part a couple of times, you can see how her mouth is morphed and pixelated on the word, “rope.” It’s pretty creepy. I won’t say what I think this means, because I think it’s a crude occult joke. The phrase ends on 25:33. Note that 33 again!

This was just a summary of the NLP in this video. There is much more that can be analyzed, but this should give you a basic idea of the message.

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