Prince Of Monaco Plays Fake Jeweler On YouTube (And Fakes A Disability Too)

Beware of another fake YouTuber played by a royal.

Pablo Ciamadevila (see, I’m a devil?) is a jewelry-maker who created his own brand, Kamikaze Jewels. He puts videos on YouTube of his jewelry-making process, some of them going viral. He currently has almost 4 million subscribers.

Here is Pablo’s most famous video–where he transforms two hex nuts into a diamond ring.

A big red flag that Pablo is fake is the “Hollywood” nature of his videos. Fancy editing, special effects, and sweeping cinematic shots. He claims that he films and edits his videos himself, with equipment he bought on Amazon, but his videos are clearly the work of professional film-makers. It takes more than equipment to make visually appealing videos. It takes knowledge and skill of the art of film-making.

Like many fake characters invented by the royals, Pablo has a typical “rags to riches” or “triumph over adversity” story. Here is a summary:

Born in Spain, Pablo got ran over by a car at age 4, leaving him permanently paraplegic and wheelchair-bound. His mom put him in swimming classes, and he became an athlete, winning metals for swimming in the Summer Paralympics. Later, he became a jewelry-maker, and founded his own brand, Kamikaze Jewels. One of his specialties is creating custom wedding and engagement rings from scratch. He puts videos of his craft on YouTube, which are now very popular.

Pablo’s triumphs sounds amazing on the surface, but his story is not real. It is based on the myth of Vulcan, the Roman god of fire, who happened to be disabled in the leg. More on this is explained below.

Pablo is a fake character, played by an actor, and his actor is not a jeweler and not disabled either.

Pablo’s actor–a Prince in disguise

So, who is the actor who plays Pablo? He is Pierre Casiraghi, Prince of Monaco.

Prince Pierre alters his face considerably for the role. His naturally pointed nose is rounded with latex/makeup. His eyebrows are reshaped to slope downward, creating his character’s signature “sad” look (to make him like Vulcan, explained below). More recently, he started to wear long hair and a shaggy beard, courtesy of the wig department. You can see the sides of his wig come close to his eyebrows, creating the illusion of a narrower forehead. Pretty good disguise.

Even so, Pierre is still Pierre, and certain traits give him away. Like his eyes, his demeanor, and his Romanesque lips and chin that are very recognizable.

As a side note, if this man truly “won” the Paralympics, that’s terrible, because that means that the Paralympics is rigged with people who aren’t disabled. Not just that, but royals too, who are already rich and famous, are using the competition to glorify themselves even more.

Vulcan, the Roman god of fire

The “Pablo” character is based on Vulcan, the Roman god of fire and metal-smithing. He was the only god of the Romans who lived on earth and happened to be disabled.

Here is the myth of Vulcan. Note the similarities to Pablo’s story [in brackets]:

Vulcan was born small and ugly, so his mother Juno rejected him and threw him off Mount Olympus. Vulcan plunged into the ocean, breaking his leg on impact, which never developed normally. He walked with a limp forever after [Pablo’s disability]. The sea nymph, Thetis, raised Vulcan as her own son. He grew up in the ocean, with dolphins as his playmates [The “swimming” part of Pablo’s story]. When he got older, Vulcan found a burning a coal on the shore, became fascinated with fire, and taught himself metal-working. Vulcan became a talented metal-worker, producing jewelry, swords, chains, armor, and even a silver chariot to get around in [Pablo as the jewelry-maker. The “chariot” is his wheelchair]. Vulcan eventually married Venus, the goddess of love [Pablo makes wedding rings and talks about love].


That’s not the only reference to Vulcan. Here is Pablo in a magazine photo, subtly giving the Vulcan salute:

The Vulcan salute was popularized on Star Trek, but has its origin in an ancient Jewish blessing. In the blessing, the hands are held with the fingers held apart in a similar way, to form the Hebrew letter, shin. Shin stands for the Hebrew word “Shaddai” meaning “Almighty [God]” and is also used to spell the word “fire.”

The bathtub photo above has some interesting symbols in it:

  1. The bathtub is a reference to Vulcan living in the ocean.
  2. The candles are a reference to Vulcanalia, a holiday when Romans lit candles, to honor the fire god, Vulcan.
  3. The Greco-Roman statues are a reference to the Roman god/archetype that Pablo represents. The central statue is Venus de Milo. Venus was Vulcan’s wife.

On his Instagram, Pablo praises fire and its power to transform things. He often poses in pictures with flames in the background or flames flickering from his favorite tool, the blowtorch. According to myth, Vulcan was fascinated with fire and worked with it in his forge to make jewelry and other treasures.

Pablo is known for the sad, wistful look on his face, as he creates his jewelry, and his eyebrows are purposely sloped to make him look sad. This is consistant with the archetype-god he’s playing, because Vulcan was the rejected god, the only god who wasn’t allowed to live in heaven (Mount Olympus).

Sometimes, the melodramatic nature of Pablo’s videos is unintentionally funny. Pablo is portrayed as a melancholy genius, alone in his dimly-lit workshop. The combination of the roaring flames and the deadpan look on his face is a bit funny (in this writer’s opinion).

The real purpose of the “Pablo” character seems to be Vulcan-worship. With the royals, it is always about religious ritual and programming the masses, all while making some money on the side.

Fake business, fake customers

Not only is Pablo fake, but so are his customers on social media. He claims to create custom wedding rings, inviting couples to his workshop to participate in the process. He gives them the honor of holding the blowtorch to melt down the metals for their rings. He also offers a variety of custom options, like having the couples’ names and/or fingerprints engraved on the finished rings. He then posts pictures (or videos) of these couples on social media, making their own rings and happy with the product.

Sounds like fun on the surface, but the only problem is…none of these couples are real! We have already seen that Pablo is fake, played by Prince Pierre. Well, the couples are fake too and members of Pierre’s family!

Basically, Pierre takes pictures of his cousins, posing as “engaged couples,” then posts them on social media with fake names and fake stories.

Here are a few examples:

This Instagram post shows a smiling couple, “Clementine and Marc,” who just got their rings from Pablo’s workshop. None of this actually happened, of course. The people in the photo are Prince Pierre’s cousins, Louis and Pauline Ducruet.

In real life, Louis and Pauline are brother and sister, not an engaged couple. As weird as it sounds, this brother-sister team pose as “lovers” frequently in their own YouTube psych ops. So, this role is nothing new for them.

The next Instagram post shows “Tatiana and Marco” who were going to have their wedding bands made, then postponed the wedding to have a baby. They later had the rings made, engraved with the baby’s fingerprints.

These people are Prince Pierre’s brother and sister-in-law, Andrea Casiraghi and Tatiana Santo Domingo. Note how they kept Tatiana’s name in this one. A bit of truth hidden in plain sight. The baby is most likely Andrea and Tatiana’s son in real life, but it’s hard to tell for sure by the picture. The royals involve their kids in the “family business” early!

The next Instagram post shows, “Cristina and Miguel,” who are expecting a child. The caption says, “I also craft wedding bands for 3.” These people are Prince Pierre’s sister-in-law, Matilde Borromeo, and her husband, Antonius von Furstenberg.

Basically, every couple that’s shown is fake, not legitimate customers of Pablo’s business. Sometimes, the same family members make repeat appearances as entirely different couples, with different names and stories. Louis Ducruet, Pauline Ducruet, and Tatiana Santo Domingo are common repeat faces.


Hopefully, you have learned something about Pablo Ciamadevila and how the royals create fake characters and businesses. There are many reasons they do this: for income, for money laundering, for public religious rituals and programming, etc. Clearly, they put a lot of effort into their fakery, but they do it all the time and have it down to a formula.

Last but not least, here’s Pablo making the one-eye sign:

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